by Joseph McKinney, Jr.

BELÉM DO BREJO DO CRUZ, Brazil (BNc)- We were invited to the inauguration of the church building in Belem do Brejo do Cruz, state of Paraíba

Belem Bulding InaugurationMark Hagewood, Beijamim Junior, Michel and Gaudencio, and I piled into my car for the long seven-hour trip to Belem.

For five long years they have worked, saved, asked for donations to build a meeting place for the church. Approximately $6000 was invested in their building over the years.

With great joy and excitement, the brothers and sisters invited the whole city to come hear the gospel in their new building. Over 60 adults and 25 children filled up the auditorium.

Please pray for this small congregation in this small city, that our Father will help them use this new resource well for the growth of his Kingdom.