Ike cuts power in more states

CALVERT CITY, Ken. (BNc)- Besides the devastation in Texas, hurricane Ike also left areas in other states without power.

Paula Harrington wrote that “what was left of Hurricane Ike came though western Kentucky and southern Illinois yesterday causing a lot if damage.  Power may be out for the next three or more days.  Many church services were cancelled Sunday evening.  Two western Kentucky counties have been declared disaster areas.  Schools are out and one house in our neighbothood had a tree go right through it.  I’m amazed how powerful this storm was so far inland.”

BNc welcomes reports from other Christians in areas affected by the storm.

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2 thoughts on “Ike cuts power in more states

  1. I live in Pleasant Plain Ohio, near Cincinnati, and we were without for until 11:00 Sunday evening. The schools are out for the second day while cleanup and the rest of power gets restored. Many congregations cancelled Sunday evening worship because of no power.

  2. I question why we cancel services today simply because of lack of power. Is power a requirement to worship God? There certainly was no electric power in the first century. I recognize that there is probably much more here than meets the eye in the hurricane affected areas. But I’ve observed the issue in other places where services would be canceled due to the heat or A/C being out. Can we not deal with a small amount of discomfort to worship our Creator? This would have never been done when I was a child. If the building had burned down, we would have met at an alternate location.