by Charles Shepherd

ORACABESSA, Jamaica (BNc)-
The Racecourse church has scheduled a campaign Nov. 1-8 with a group of eight American Christians.

Eight brothers and sisters from the Decatur Highway congregation in Gardendale, Ala., plan to participate in this campaign.

Four of these are young people, ages 15-17, involved in the Lads-to-Leaders program, Billy Camp, J. Hall, Ariel Duke and Kala Cockrell.

The others are Robert and Sandra Watson, Paul Spurlin and myself.

The youth will be given an opportunity to use the skills they have learned through speech preparation and debate to study with others. They will also show leadership skills to the brethren in Jamaica that will encourage their young people to realize their full potential and influence in the Kingdom of God.

The campaign’s purpose is to (1) conduct an evangelistic campaign at the Racecourse congregation, (2) conduct Bible studies during the day, (3) conduct a revival service in the evenings, 4) to evaluate the need for congregational support of a congregation located at Jack’s River, near Racecourse.

The Jack’s River congregation currently receives financial support from the Plymouth church in central Florida, but they have not had a campaign in quite some time.

Another purpose in this campaign is to expose some of our young people to campaigning in this environment to see the need for evangelism in places other than our local areas.

It is my plan to start conducting a yearly campaign during the summer beginning next year using more of our young people and others who are committed to evangelism.  This trip will give first-hand experience for others to share in this work and the good that can be accomplished for the Kingdom of Christ in Jamaica.

We solicit your prayers for success and God’s protection while we conduct this campaign and others to follow.

If you would like more information about this campaign and the work in Jamaica please contact me. I maybe also reached by phone at 205-681-7449 (home), 205-568-8231 (cell) or 205-801-8664 (work).