by Jon Gary Williams
A 93-year-old Florida brother contributed to the defeat of evolutionists in his state.

The feathers of those who promote the tattered and torn theory of Darwinian evolution have again been ruffled, this time in the state of Florida.

Earlier this year advocates of evolution set out to have their theory redefined in the state’s textbooks. Their demand was that the word “theory” be removed and replaced with the phrase “fundamental fact.”

The Florida Department of Education held meetings to have this issue discussed, at which time those from both sides were allowed to present their case. The department received thousands of emails from people on both sides.

The exponents of evolution were confident their appeal would win approval. However, when the vote was taken by the seven board members, evolutionists were stunned to learn they had been defeated by a 4-3 vote. Not willing to accept defeat, they threatened to take their cause to the state legislature and have the ruling overturned.

Now enters 93-year-old brother Fred R. Bogle of Orlando.

For many years brother Bogle worked in contract administration with the Space Administration at Cape Canaveral. Even though long retired, he is still held in high regard. Over the years he has been an active member of the Lord’s church. Even at 93 he still travels and attends lectureships across the country. He has authored a small two-volume work entitled, Who Is Saved? (available free of charge from Bulletin Briefs, see below).

Brother Bogle followed closely the evolution controversy in Florida. When he discovered that the pro-evolution strategists were taking their demands to the state legislature he said to himself, “I’ll be waiting on the steps.”

In order to help state officials see the unscientific nature of evolution, he mailed copies of the book, The Other Side of Evolution, to all 158 members of the Florida legislature. Along with the books he included a timely, well-written personal letter. In addition, he mailed the book and his letter to the governor, lieutenant governor, commissioner of education, Orange County mayor, court commissioner, superintendent of education and all school board members, 208 in all.

He has received a number of positive responses from state and school officials thanking him for his concern and for sending the book; among them, the governor, lieutenant governor and head of the Florida Department of Education.

We have learned that the request made by the pro-evolution camp was been rejected. Partly through the efforts of brother Bogle, the Florida legislature saw through the fraud of evolution being labeled a “fundamental fact.”

Brother Bogle is to be commended for his insight and dedication. He is, indeed, a tremendous example for us all. He can be reached at P.O. Box 720482, Orlando, FL 32872.

Copies of the updated 9th edition of The Other Side of Evolution can be ordered free of charge in any quantity. Write: Distributor, Randall Standefer, P.O. Box 123, Dunlap, TN 37327
Jon Gary Williams has preached the gospel for 50 years, 37 at the LaVergne, Tenn., congregation, until stepping down from full-time work four years ago.