By Joe May

Associatie Editor

  One of the Lord’s saints was among four Boy Scouts who were killed Wednesday when an EF 2 tornado touched down near Little Sioux, Iowa.

  The four were among several Scouts at the 1,800 acre primitive camp that features mostly tents near the Iowa city.  Ironically, the campers had practiced severe weather drills the day before, but the camp lacked any basements or secure buildings constructed to withstand a tornado.

  Officials have said that 48 people, many of them children, were injured in the storm.

 Sam Thomsen, 13, of Omaha, Nebraska, was among the dead in the camp. He was a member of Omaha’s Southwest congregation, newspaper reports stated.  He was the son of long-time Christians Larry and Sharon Thomsen of Omaha.

His Facebook page lists his interests as “Jesus, football, the Huskers, Xbox video games and the Roadrunners” , a basketball team for home-schooled children.

“Sam was probably one of the nicest kids you could ever be around,” Sandy Glenn, his basketball coach stated. “He was just enthusiastic, eager to learn, real coachable.”
“He’s just a great kid,” said Dr. Jim White, the evangelist for the Southwest body.   “He was a typical teenager, always has a smile on his face.”

 To read more about Sam, including a semon he wrote, click on this link: