Tsunami victims serve the Lord

by BNc Correspondent Roy Davison

RAMNAD, India (BNc)- Missionaries are seeing spiritual results from the tsunami disaster relief.

Dennis and Beth Johnson, who work with the Chennai Teacher Training School, made the 420-mile trip south by train earlier this year, from Chennai (formerly Madras) to Ramanathapuram District on the east coast near the southern tip of India.

JesurajThey went to visit about 25 Christians who were converted to the truth by brother A. Jesuraj soon after the tsunami destroyed their homes.

The converts come from two main areas: one group lives in the village of Ramnad and the other from the little peninsula extending toward Sri Lanka about 12 miles away.

At present they worship in various homes and have a total attendance of about 60.

They came together Jan. 25-26 at Ramnad for a gospel meeting conducted by Dennis.


Brother Jesuraj is a 2006 graduate of CTTS. While in school he converted several from Kotturpuram in Chennai.

After graduation he went to the Ramnad area where he worked as a construction overseer and built several houses for tsunami victims. He was also involved in teaching them how to be tailors and to do food canning. When he noticed corruption in some of the NGO operations, he reported his concerns.

He is now being supported so he can preach the gospel full-time.

Property has been purchased for a meeting place within easy walking distance from the railway and bus stations in Ramnad.


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