Editor’s Note: After months of delays in fundraising, support suddenly fell into place for the Gorackes to depart for Singapore May 20. More later on their departure in BNc.

by Nancy Goracke

Whew! What a fast-forward-full-speed-ahead type month it has been! For a person who takes a week to walk across the yard, fast-forward is a bit out of my comfort zone, yet I am thankful God has brought everything together for us sooner than I expected.

Thomas Goracke FamilySometimes I think God must be chuckling as he considers me—she doesn’t like to wait for “long periods” of time and now she’s uncomfortable because things are moving so quickly. Quite a child!

Speaking of children, Jaydon and Shayla also wrestle with understanding time. For them, anything that isn’t right here and now is almost too far ahead to really comprehend or concern themselves with. Jaydon has been waiting for his birthday soooo long, he’s almost given up asking when it’s going to arrive. “How many sleeps away is it?”

–From the April 2008 Goracke Newsletter dated 5 May