EARLYSVILLE, Va. (BNc)- Young ladies from 12 to 19, will enjoy a week of fellowship, Bible study and skills development at a new camp in Virginia.

Christian sisters from area churches have joined together to create a camp that encourages young ladies in the Biblical values described in Titus 2, where the older women are instructed to teach the younger women.

The first session will be June 21-28, in Earlysville, Va.

Daily classes will be presented by Wendy Wadley from Alabama, based on the book Showing Thyself to be a Pattern.

Other lessons will be offered in subjects such as “How to Study Your Bible”, sewing and cooking, “Managing Your Home” and modesty.

Outdoor activities in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley will be available, as well as opportunities to learn how to teach while working with the small children of the staff members during their on-site VBS, and community service projects.

Visit the website for more information about this free camp — the only cost involved is transportation to and from the camp.

Donations to the camp are tax-deductible, and will help us provide the girls with a high-quality camp at no cost to their families.



  1. It’s great to hear about this camp that is helping young women follow the example laid out for them so clearly in Scripture. Kudos!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I pray that much good will come from this camp! Our teen girls certainly do need the type of instruction that these ladies desire to provide. Amen, sisters!

  3. A word of caution to all: This camp is not run by members of the Lord’s church. [See correction below. -Ed.] It is run by a community church. Their web site is here: http://rivannariver.net/. Co-director Wendy is a member of Rugby Avenue and Greene Community Church.

  4. I would like to make one correction: the Rivanna River church claims to be affiliated with the churches of Christ, although this is not readily apparent unless you read the dense text on their front page. Thanks to Joe for pointing this out.

    I will also point out that the reference on the Camp COMMIT! web site to the “Rugby Avenue and Greene Community Church” has been removed. It was replaced with “Rugby Avenue and Stanardsville”. This bio is now completely silent on the specific church affiliation.

  5. I really appreciate the positive comments; this camp has been a blessing in my life as I work to help prepare it. Unfortunately the one negative comment is the reason I am compelled to respond. I’d really like to know why “Itinnel” thinks this camp is not being run by members of the Lord’s church? Didn’t you read the congregation’s website you referred everyone to? It’s very clearly stating all the descriptors of the church, as laid out in the New Testament. I didn’t realize that each and every one of our staff bios would need this spelled out clearly, but we are ALL members of the church of Christ, from several congregations in Virginia, Tennessee, and Alabama. We adhere to the New Testament doctrine you will find in every mainstream church of Christ in America. I don’t know how much more “run by members of the church” you can get! If “Itinnel” or anyone else has any questions regarding the church membership of any of the staff of this camp, please do contact us immediately, through the website mentioned in the article.

  6. Brethren,

    Let us speak to one another in love. Some comments have been edited/deleted due a significant lack of kindness. It is a bit unsettling that the offending information has been removed, as if something is being hidden.

    At this point, comments will be restricted only to those who can politely explain the change and inform us if all those in authority, specifically the lady listed as a co-director are members of the church of Christ. Inquiring minds want to know.

    Posts outside this realm will be deleted.

  7. Being a teenager, I plan on going to this camp. It sounds like a great camp and a great idea. I’m positive Wendy is a very likeable character and is doing what Titus 2 says for her to do.

  8. The comment made had nothing to do with Wendy’s character. The comment was made about advertising publicly that one belongs to a “Community Church”. There are many good, moral people in most faiths. Cornelius was a good, moral person. That is not the point.

    The “Community Church” is a congregational-based denomination that got it’s start in the 1950’s. You can read about them here: http://www.icccusa.com/. While they each maintain their autonomy, each is very similar in beliefs, holding to tenants of Calvinism. Some claim to be non-denominational. Others claim to be inter-denominational. This movement is sweeping our nation, with many of our weak brethren following after their teachings.

    We are warned by Jesus in Matthew 7:15 of wolves in sheep’s clothing. It is only prudent then, to question one who, on a site that is purportedly affiliated with the churches of Christ, claims to be a part of this denomination, and most especially on a site that is seeking to bring in our youth and teach them. To not question such is irresponsible, at best.

  9. Moderator: I’m really no good at this technology – I was working on my post, when I got a message saying I had “timed out” but then my laptop froze, so I don’t know if it sent the message or not. I’m going to try to re-write what I was saying, but if it DID send you a message from me already, just use whichever one you think is clearest. They’re probably both too long – I always get too wordy when I’m trying to make sure everything is clear.

    As one of the co-directors of Camp COMMIT, I can clear up at least one or two points of confusion here. There is definitely nothing to hide! Our website is very new, and still under construction (and in need of more volunteers to complete it and continue it’s development). We are still adding information, with the bios being the project we have concentrated on recently; therefore, we do make corrections to them, as often as we find the info is incorrect or inadequate, as in Wendy’s case. She is, indeed, a member of the church of Christ; I was among those present at her baptism a few years ago, when they were living here in the Fredericksburg area. I repeat: all of the staff are volunteers and all are members of the church of Christ, in various communities in Virginia, Tennessee and Alabama.

    Stanardsville is a very small community in Greene County. It is not unusual here to have a small church of Christ go by the name of the community in which it is located. It is not to associate them with the denominational “Community Church”, but to state that they are the church in that community. The small congregation that worships in Greene County is very new I believe; I know the Rivanna River church of Christ is new – a family has offered their home as a place of worship for this fledgling congregation in Earlysville. Rugby Avenue church of Christ meets in Charlottesville, and has a website http://www.rugbyavenuechurch.com.

    While “community church” as part of a congregation’s name may cause some confusion, I have seen similar confusion associated with the name “church of Christ”. It is always prudent to investigate the nature of any congregation with which you might associate, and I believe it is also prudent to do thorough investigation before starting a “flame war” within the brotherhood. This particular one baffles me as a phone call or email from Itinnel could have cleared this up very easily without creating such confusion. We will continue to “tweak” the website, and information will be added and corrected as we are able.

  10. The comments are now closed on this news report. It appears the concerns have been aired and responded to in such a way that if anyone has any concerns they may direct more specific questions to the camp staff.

    My apologies to all for not checking better. If I had noticed the reference on the camp staff page the reference to a community church, it’s possible the article would not have made it here, since BNc does not serve community churches or progressives or non-institutional congregations. Or it would have led to earlier clarification so as to avoid this exchange.

    We trust that the webmaster and camp organizers are acting in good faith, so the story remains above on the site with the discussion.

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