by Fred Asare, Director, Village of Hope

FETTEH, Ghana (BNc)- Two years ago, I asked for your prayers for our ninth grade students as they prepared and wrote their national exams. You prayed. God answered.

Each of the eleven students had distinction, the highest grade possible, in the national exams. Each of them was able to enter the high school of his choice and Hope Christian Academy was judged the best school in our district by the Ghana Education Service.

Last year, I asked you to pray for our ninth grade students in connection with the national exams. Once again, you prayed and God answered. Once again, each one of the sixteen students had distinction and entered the high school of his choice. Once again, the national educational authorities judged Hope Christian Academy as the best school in our district.

Well, here I am again, making yet another request for your prayers for the ninth grade students of Hope Christian Academy as they prepare and write the national exams April 21-25. These exams will determine who will be able to go to high school and who will not, depending on a student’s grades.

Here are the names of our 20 students who will be writing the exams:

  1. Richard Akrong
  2. Isaac Amoquandoh
  3. Bernard Ampomah
  4. Emmanuel Amponsah
  5. Felix Appiah
  6. Daniel Arhin
  7. Romeo Awuku
  8. Daniel Brahini
  9. Charles Bukari
  10. Samuel Edem Coffie
  11. Christopher Negble
  12. Daliel Yaare
  13. Yahaya Sappah
  14. Adriana Aidoo
  15. Florence Andah
  16. Edwina Anderson
  17. Rebecca Anokye
  18. Josephine Quaye Larbi
  19. Vera Saah
  20. Rebecca Sagoe

Ten of them are from the Village of Hope and the rest are from the communities near us. Please pray fervently for them by name. We know that God hears us when we pray so please pray for these students, especially during the week of April 21-25.