N. LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (BNc)- Three congregations collect aluminum cans and send the funds to mission projects around the world.

The Sylvan Hills church in Sherwood and the Levy and Somers Avenue congregations in North Little Rock joined hands to collect aluminum cans in their “We Can” fund.

Fifteen different projects were funded in 2007. Checks were sent to buy Bibles for the Eastern European Mission, Nigeria Christian Hospital, Tanzania Christian Clinic, a deaf ministry in Ghana, and other efforts in Cambodia, Antigua and Honduras.

School children were helped in Cambodia, Honduras and Ghana. Bible study material was provided for Rio Bravo and Progresso, Mexico. The fund helped to purchase a portable baptistery unit for the church in Burnt Corn, Ariz.

Over $3,000 were collected last year, and $2,895 disbursed around the world.

Already in 2008, several projects have been targeted, such as printing a training booklet for leading in worship in Brazil.

A committee is set up with an elder/wife and deacon/wife team serving from each of the three congregations, Linetta McDonald, Somers Avenue secretary, said. They submit requests and needs as they are aware of viable projects within their normal $200-250 range.

The three congregations each have their own collection area, she said. The Somers Avenue congregation has a large garbage can inside the multi-purpose building and another one outside, so folks can drive by and drop off their cans.

“George and I take ours to the Sylvan Hills building when we get a good amount. They have a chain-link fenced area behind their mission building as the collection point for all three churches,” Linetta wrote. “Whenever it gets full, Ron Cook, Sylvan Hills deacon, and one of their men take the cans in a trailer to the recycle plant, which pays 75 cents/lb for them.”

Ron and a couple of others came up with the plan years ago for Sylvan Hills. However, since all three congregations work together on an annual mission trip, they expanded the “We Can” project to include the sister congregations.

Ideas and suggestions are submitted to committee members, who in turn put them before the committee. The committee members approve or disapprove the use of funds for that particular project, as funds become available.

For more information, contact George McDonald.