By Masa Nonogaki, Yokota Church of Christ

I have been corresponding with a person in the Miyagi prison 300 miles north of where we live. He has written a wonderful letter and some Bible passages with Japanese calligraphy. Now as I got to know him, I will write a basic Bible message in this correspondence. Tomorrow I will send him a lesson on God’s creation and Man. Next, I will write a lesson on Man’s sin. And then Jesus Christ the Lord and the Savior.

I have made my site more attractive to non-Christians. I have made Bible quizzes for them. I have been asking denominational Christian groups to link my page to their sites. Many of them do not want to do it because I write about the evil of divisions and denominationalism in Christianity. I have a link page and let them link their sites to mine, but still many of them do not want to respond to my request. However, I will not be knocked out. I will keep using the site to spread the Word of God all over in Japan.

Last two Sundays we had lots of snow, so some Japanese members could not come to the worship service. One lady, Shino, does not get permission from her husband to go to the worship service. Please pray for her. I do not want to cause any conflict or problem in her family. I pray that her husband will be softened in his heart. I have invited them to come to our house to eat with us. Actually Shino has to say to him about the invitation. She is so meek and gentle that she has a hard time to tell him what she wants to do for herself. We just want to get to know him more.

At least once a month we invite a family to our house. This is very important for us to know ladies’ husbands who do not open up themselves easily. Many Japanese men are used to share their feelings when they drink, not Coke, but beer or Sake.

I was asked by one of the Japanese members whose wife is from Peru to study with her. I will go to visit her sometime next month. The place is very far. I rather want them to come to the worship service. I will tell her when I see her.

Three of us in my family have been sick for a couple of days since we ate something bad in a ramen shop. Now we are just recovering from the sickness. But we have been always thankful for God’s blessings.