by Dean and Barbara Kelly

HIGHLAND HOME, Ala. (BNc)- Last Saturday night, March 8, Mrs. Carrie Johnson, a faithful Christian at the Sugar Ridge congregation, lost her home and her husband to a house fire.

The fire completely destroyed the residence and its contents.  Nothing was spared.  Mrs. Johnson was not at home when the fire started. There was no homeowners insurance on the dwelling.

Our congregation helped her Sunday with money but she needs everything: clothes, shoes, food, etc.

She wears size 16 or 18 clothes and size 10 shoes, if anyone that would like to donate. Also, an account has been set up at the Ramer Bank for monetary contributions.

If you could mention it to your congregation and if you have things that you keep for times such as this, it would be a very good opportunity to help someone who is truly in need.

Mrs. Johnson is well known in the Highland Home area as a caregiver to the elderly.  She has worked for many years assisting families with their needs.  She is currently living with her daughter.

Whatever you or your congregation does will be very much appreciated and needed. And above all, keep her in your prayers and ask your congregations to pray for her.

Checks may be made payable to Carrie B. Johnson and mailed to Ramer Bank, P. O. 145, Ramer, AL  36069.

For more information, email Dean Kelly at