Roy DavisonEINDHOVEN, Netherlands (BNc)- Veteran Belgian missionary Roy Davison is teaching Greek to the men of the church in this Dutch city and is putting his class material on the Internet.

He taught taught two classes for men at Eindhoven Feb. 16.

From 9:00-10:30 he had a Greek class for three brethren in Eindhoven. Since one of them was just starting, they spent some time on the alphabet and then studied the Greek of passages for a later general men’s study.

Roy has put the Greek alphabet on the Internet at this address both visually and in audio.

Only the alphabet is available for the present, but Roy plans to add material so that one can learn Greek just by visiting the site.

To be notified each time he adds a lesson, one can contact Roy by email.

Roy also recently preached on “They Worshiped the Dragon,” from Revelation 13. Both Dutch and English versions of the sermon are available.