By Teah McWhorter


ASHVILLE, Ala. (BNc)- The Ashville church will again host a camp for young ladies, ages 13-18, June 15-20.

This is a different kind of camp, designed for intensive study in several subjects, some not normally covered in local congregational education programs. The multi-year curriculum includes both textual and topical instruction.

Each day begins with a chapel service. Christian girls may choose to participate by leading songs or prayers or reading scripture, and a Christian woman will speak. Then five daily Bible classes will be taught by qualified women.

This year’s class schedule includes Survey of the NT, Learning to Teach, My Place in the Service of the Lord, Wisdom Literature, Worship Principles and Practice.

Daily memory work and homework will be assigned. Tests will be given on the last day of class.

While the primary purpose of the camp is to teach young girls knowledge of God’s Word, knowledge is not enough. Application of Christian principles will be discussed in the classes, and students will have opportunity to ask about things that matter to them.

They will also be involved in service-related activities through the week to help them learn to think beyond themselves so their lights may shine brighter.

Knowledge, application, service — but there’s more. Camp needs to be fun! This camp will include time for playing games, arts and crafts, and especially making new friends of girls and teachers. The friendships and memories will keep the girls coming back year after year.

There is limited space, so return completed applications as soon as possible to guarantee acceptance. Contact Director Teah McWhorter for copies of the application and further information.

The initial deadline for registration is April 1. If all spots have not been filled at that time, another deadline will be set. Do not wait for the second deadline! Get your forms in as soon as possible. Please make sure all required signatures are on your forms.

The elders of the Ashville church oversee the camp. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions pertaining to the camp.

Teah’s contact information: home tel.: (205) 338-1843; cell: (205) 812-9077; email: