By BNc Correspondent Paula Harrington

western Ky ice

Western Ky. (BNc)- Thanks to the winter weather, some folks in Western Kentucky are waking for the second day with no power.

Crittenden County, Kentucky was hit the hardest with seventy-five percent of the homes in the county still without electricity due to the ice storm that came through Western KY, Southern IL, and Southeastern MO, Monday and Tuesday.

Power crews are working around the clock to remove tree limbs covered in ½ to ¾ inches of ice from power lines and hotels all the way to Paducah are full.

“Most of our members have been so badly affected [due to the outage] Our building is also still without power,” Andy Walker, minister of the Marion Church of Christ, said.

Walker and his wife Stephanie were briefly without power but currently have it back on. Walker attributes this to the fact that they live beside the local hospital.

Schools are being used to house many members of the community without power.

western Ky ice 2

Andy and Stephanie will spend the next few days helping clean up the debris from the storm, checking on their Christian family, and taking food to the local schools.

Power crews say it could be a few more days before the power is back on in the counties affected, however, local meteorologist are calling for more winter weather Friday and Sunday.


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  1. More recent word from Andy Walker: “We just got a little more involved. I got a hold of the lady at the Red Cross and we are taking some food and things like plates, napkins, cups, etc. We are going to clean out the freezers at WKYC (our local church camp. It is actually in Crittenden County and not far from Marion) and take them up to the elem. school. I called the members who have power and asked them to cook some food and David Maclin and I are going to collect the food and take it up there. Thought I would update you. There is really no one else helping them because people either can’t get out or don’t have electricity. I will let you know more when I know more. Thanks.”