KALOMO, Zambia (BNc)- Roy and Kathi Merritt are seeking support for students in an African Christian college.

George Benson Christian College, known for training Christians to teach in areas of Math, History, and English, also requires all students to minor in Bible, enabling students to teach religious education in the public school system. It is one of three secondary teacher training schools in Zambia.

George Benson students are guaranteed teaching jobs by their government after graduation.

Most students of GBCC need sponsorship to attend the school, needing $110 a month for three years to earn their diploma. After graduation, students are bonded and required to repay the scholarship by agreeing to work three years in the mission field.

GBCC student StellaStella Kasiya Simukombo’s husband is already a student at the school. She needs support to pursue her own degree in education. Stella’s father died when she was a young girl and, following the Tonga levirate customs, her father’s older brother took Stella’s mother as his own wife. Despite the cultural ritual, Stella’s mother continued to attend the local church of Christ and raised all of her children to be Christians.

When asked about Stella and her husband, Roy Merritt says, “This couple is destined to become a pair of self-supporting church workers in a mission area of Zambia.”

GBCC student MwiingaMwiinga Zobolo is a 31-year-old father of four who recently lost his job. He is hoping to find another career where he can grow closer to Christ and knows that GBCC offers their graduates an opportunity to not only earn money to support their families, but to teach and preach the Gospel.

To learn of other students who are needing support and how you can help contact Roy Merritt at merritt <at> coppernet <dot> zm.