By Bradley S. Cobb, Webmaster,

MORELAND, Ark. (BNc)- A faithful sister at the Gravel Hill church of Christ was hospitalized this past Tuesday due to injuries sustained while she was going to vote in the U.S. presidential primary election.

Mrs. Trella Chronister, a widow in her mid-70’s, lives next door to the Moreland Volunteer Fire Department, where the voting was taking place. She is confined to a motorized wheelchair with a specially equipped van.

Tuesday morning, Mrs. Chronister drove out of her driveway and into the gravel parking lot of the Fire Department next door to vote. She lowered the specially designed lift on her van and rode across the gravel lot in her wheelchair.

As she approached the building, some of the people inside looked out and wondered aloud if they should go out and help her. Henry Chronister, a local resident, said “No, she gets upset when people try and help her too much.”

Mrs. Chronister drove her wheelchair to the smoothest spot from the gravel and grass parking lot to the concrete sidewalk near the door. Her front wheels caught on the concrete, and her chair tipped forward, throwing her into the front wall of the cinderblock building. She hit her head against the building, scraped her glasses, and “her legs were bent at really weird angles,” said one of the poll workers.

They called 911, and an ambulance was dispatched to the scene.

While waiting, however, the seriously injured Mrs. Chronister insisted on voting. She cast her vote with the aid of a poll worker and was then taken to the hospital.

She will probably require arthroscopic surgery on at least one of her legs.

At a time when people look for any excuse to get out of doing their duty to God and country, it is inspiring to see someone so dedicated that even after fracturing both legs, she still insists on voting.