Updated 3 March 2008

FLORENCE, Ala. (BNc)- Plans are shaping up for the second annual May Missionary Retreat to be held at Maywood Christian Camp in Hamilton, Ala.

Retreat organizer Wayne Barrier announced that the dates for the retreat will be May 1-3, and the theme is “Effective Missions.”

Speakers and topics for the retreat include:

  • Jeremy Barrier – The Changing Face of America: A History of Christian Missions
  • Don Norwood – 30 years of Mission Work in India
  • James Jones – Restoration Radio Network
  • Don Petty – Visualizing Scripturally-Sound Churches on the field and in the U.S.
  • Gordon Hogan – All Spiritual Blessings in Christ
  • Colin McKee – How Well Am I Watching?
  • Randal Matheny – What Makes Missions Effective?
  • Claude Lewis – Cambodia – The Ship of Life
  • Loy Mitchell – The Importance of Making Reports
  • Ken Wilkey – The Missionary Role in a Field with Capable Native Preachers
  • Don Green – My work in the Donestsk, Donbass area of the Ukraine
  • Mark Hall – Closeness with God
  • Stan Mitchell – Growing Up on the Mission Field

The messages will be published in book form, according to Wayne.

The retreat is open to all Christians interested in the church’s work around the world.

It was begun last year as an effort of the World Evangelism Foundation, directed by J.C. Choate.

For more information, call Wayne at (256) 766-2807 or email him at wbarrier [at] hiwaay [dot] net.