JC and Betty ChoateWINONA MS (BNc)- In an email sent Jan. 2, Betty Choate provided an update on J.C.’s health as he continues to battle cancer and receive treatment. J.C. has worked many years in the Far East and directs World Evangelism Foundation.

“J.C. has been in various hospitals for tests and treatment for the past two months. We were so thankful that he could be discharged to be at home during the time when our children were here, the last week of December. He is in continual pain in the vertebra where he was given radiation, so he takes pain medicine and medicine to help him sleep so that the pain is not more intense than he can bear.

“The other day, as I was feeding J.C., I couldn’t help but break out crying. He said, ‘Don’t cry. Be strong, Hon. It will be all right.’ But it hurts so much to see him suffer. And it hurts so much to know that 52 years of loving and living and working together are coming to an end. But I have promised him that as long as I have health and strength, I will continue with the work that has been his focus all of his spiritual life — since he was 17 years old and began to preach very shortly after he found the truth and obeyed the Gospel.

“There is a lot that I can do and, working with the Barriers, the Bates and the Rushmores, we can continue to develop the work that J.C. envisioned and wanted to accomplish. I know that you will be praying for J.C. and for us in these commitments.”



  1. Dear Sister Betty Choate,

    Really, it is so sad to know about the health condition of our beloved Brother J.C.
    We will remember him in our daily prayers and also I’ll announce a prayer request on this friday Ladies Bible Class, in the Sunday worship service as well in mid-week prayers.

    Really, the work Brother J.C doing in INDIA and around the world is incredible. We know him through the tracts of World Evangelism.
    Dear Sister Betty, please do not worry, I would like to let you know that many hundreds of saints in our area will be praying for Bro.J.C.’s recovery from the disease.
    May God give you & your children much courage, strength & hope in this hard time.
    We very much appreciate your loving support to him all through these years and especially in this hard time.
    Praying for you all!

    In His service,
    Chorlian Samson
    Sathupalli church of Christ
    Basic Bible School
    Sathupalli, Khammam Dist.,
    AP, INDIA.

  2. Dear Betty,
    Just heard about J.C.’s condition yesterday morning. I am so sorry. I’ve been where you are when I lost Don 14 years ago.
    We’ve been out of touch for years so you may not remember us but you both were a great inspiration to us in our decision to get out on the front lines in the Lord’s army.
    Don did P.R. for World Radio for nine years out of West Monroe, LA. We moved to Trinidad, West Indies, in 73, started Caribbean Campaigns for Christ in 77, worked all over the Caribbean plus Guyana, Venezuela, Fr. Guiana, and Suriname in S. America and had just begun to do some work in Russia when Don was diagnosed with colon cancer. We were working out of North Atlanta Church of Christ when he passed away. I stayed on at North Atlanta as Campaign Coordinator until I retired in 1999. Have been in Tyler, Texas since then.
    You might enjoy something Don wrote in his last newsletter: “This will be my last article. Perhaps the tradition will be continued, perhaps not. One thing I know. God is in control. He does work all things together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. No matter what the future holds for me, I am in a ‘win’ situation. Whatever answer He gives to my prayers, I know I will gain the victory. So, as we have sung together so often during campaigns, ‘Let go and let God have His wonderful way. Your burdens will vanish. Your night turn to day. Let go and let God have His way.’ May the good Lord be with you all and may you never forget that ‘GOD STILL LIVES AND ALL IS WELL’.”
    Give J.C. my love and know that I am praying for you both. May God comfort you and may He give J.C. peace in his last hour and moments with you.
    In Christian love,
    Marian Starks
    406 Pinecreek Drive
    Tyler TX 75707

  3. Our prayers and best wishes are with J. C. and Betty. God bless you both for all you’ve done for Him and the Lord’s Church!
    In Christian love,
    Jerry Garland Brown and family
    Orangevale Church of Christ
    Orangevale, CA

  4. Betty,

    My prayer is that God will bless you in your wonderul attitude about continuing the work that J.C. started, and the work that you helped J.C. accomplish over the years, in such a loving, devoted manner. What a wonderful example of “teamwork” you have set for the rest of us who strive to serve God alongside our husbands.

    I am so grateful to God that several years ago you urged J.C to come with you to Jacksonville, Florida to enter Mayo Clinic for a colonoscopy. As a result, Miles and I were blessed to meet you, get to know and love you, and were able to minister in a small way to you, as you were sojourning here on several different occasions. It was not always the best of circumstances nor the most pleasant, but I am grateful for the time Miles and I were able to spend with you and J.C. and to try to encourage you as you dealt with difficult times for J.C physically.

    You will be in our thoughts and prayers in the next few days and weeks, especially, as you both have been for the last few years. God will see you through this difficult adjustment period, and I know your friends and family with help, too.

    I love you!

    Marilyn Peeples, Minister’s wife
    Chaffee Road Church of Christ
    Jacksonville, Florida