Angie MayoLEWISVILLE TX (WGN)- Angie Mayo brings Christian ladies closer by publishing their biographies in her project, “Lewisville Lady of the Week.”

“One of the biggest interests is that I include their favorite recipe with the bio. I always make the bios fun, feel-good stories with humor. I want them to be an encouragement to someone,” she wrote.Angie interviews a lady and publishes one bio a week, except Thanksgiving and Christmas. She lets them see what the bio will say before it is printed.

There are no plans to put the bios together in a single volume. She told the ladies to get a folder and keep them. “And they have,” she said. “They can get copies from me if they missed any of them and I plan to fix up an accordian file, so they can look through and pick out the ones they missed.”

Angie serves as interviewer, writer, printer and the whole project. She takes each bio to the printer for copies.

“I use bright colors so they will know the difference of each one,” she said.

Angie includes a “Thought of the Week” at the bottom of the page.

“So far, I’ve received only good reactions. Everyone is very interested. I pass it out at our Tuesday morning ladies’ Bible class and then put the copies on the table for people to pick up on Wednesday night and Sunday morning,” she noted.

Why does she do it? “It’s a great way to get to know each other. In a large congregation we always work to get people together. When telling their story about where they’re from or specific interests, someone in the congregation will say, ‘Oh, I didn’t know you were from California, Tennessee or Kansas, etc.’ They seek each other out and a friendship bond is made,” she said.

The bios also serve to introduce new members to the congregation.Angie has no particular lady she’s interested in; they can be young, old, new members, very active or less active.

“It is a great resource for our ladies. It provides a wonderful way for our Christian sisters to become better acquainted with one another. We commend Angie for the good work she is doing,” Jeff Jenkins, Lewisville pulpit minister, wrote to WGN.

Angie started this work some 10 years ago at another congregation. It was quite successful and there was much interest. “So this year I decided to start the idea here. We’ve been members at the Lewisville congregation for the past year and half — and love the congregation,” she said.

Angie started September 18 at Lewisville and has no idea how long it will run. She pursued the project at the other congregation for a number of years.

Angie concluded, “Fanny Crosby, the blind 18th century songwriter, wrote a song, ‘We Can All Do Something for Jesus.’ This is my something for Jesus.”

For a sample bio, click here: BioFiona.