NASHVILLE TN (BNc)- The 21st Century Christian announced yesterday the release of its Minister’s Manual for churches of Christ, edited by Jim Bill McInteer.

21CC Minister’s ManualThe publisher styles it as an invaluable resource for sermons, outlines, Scripture readings and ideas for wedding ceremonies, funerals, installation ceremonies, visitation, evangelism and worship planning. The book has more than 250 pages.

It includes a CD-ROM of sermons, Scriptures, questionnaires, and templates.

The gift-boxed bonded leather volume retails for $39.99.

Annette Jackson, Director of Curriculum Marketing, sent WGN the table of contents:

Minister’s Manual Table of Contents

The minister’s manual, rather than being a denominational manual of doctrines or creeds, offers practical models and suggestions of how to conduct ceremonies and perform other ministerial duties.

Updated: 8/Nov/07



  1. I am looking forward to getting a copy. The funeral and wedding thoughts will be a big help to preachers. I have an old “black book” entitled Thoughts for Funeral Sermons, by JD Cox, 1961. I am the second owner of the book and it is thinning quickly.

  2. Scott,
    this sounds like an invaluable resource for the minister. Many younger ministers struggle with various events and circumstances. This book comes from a talented and precious veteran who shares his wisdom and experience with the rest of us. Thanks for letting us know about this matter. Jim Bill is a prince among preachers, and I look forward to the opportunity of learning from him.


  3. Where can I purchase the Jim McInteer Minister’s Manual for churches of Christ? I have tried Mardel Books and Barnes & Noble. I would like to have it at my residence in time for a Christmas gift.

    Do you have aa 1-800 phone number?