DENTON, TX (WGN)- Mac Deaver released his book, The Holy Spirit: Center of Controversy — Basis of Unity, in October.

The book culminates over a decade of controversy in some quarters surrounding the author’s position that the Holy Spirit’s help to Christians is not confined to the written Bible alone.

The author wrote in the introduction, “The book will be doctrinal, historical, and to some degree biographical. I hope the reader will find it useful.”

The hardback volume has 23 chapters, 3 appendices, 368 pages and several photographs. The chapter headings are as follows:

Chapter I—Acts 2:38, Nichols, Warren, and Woods
Chapter II—The Gift of the Holy Spirit—Its Meaning
Chapter III—Woods’ Unintended Implications
Chapter IV—The Fox Debate and the Concept of Supra-literary Divine Help
Chapter V—The Debate with Bill Lockwood
Chapter VI—Human Fallibility and the Claim for Direct Divine Help
Chapter VII—The All-Sufficiency of the Scriptures
Chapter VIII—A Most Interesting Meeting in Memphis
Chapter IX—The Moffitt Debate
Chapter X—The Direct Argument Settles It
Chapter XI—The Woods’ Biography
Chapter XII—Roy C. Deaver and N. B. Hardeman
Chapter XIII—Roy C. Deaver and Thomas B. Warren
Chapter XIV—Direct Help Does Not Imply a Miracle
Chapter XV—How the “Word Only” Position Implies No Holy Spirit in the Church
Chapter XVI—The So-Called “Deaver Doctrine”
Chapter XVII—The Holy Spirit and Our Free Will
Chapter XVIII—How Christ Indwells the Church
Chapter XIX—Answering a Few Strange Objections
Chapter XX—Born of Water and Spirit
Chapter XXI—Did You Receive the Holy Spirit When You Believed?
Chapter XXII—The Basis of Unity
Chapter XXIII—The Blame for Division

Two appendices deal with true-false questions and arguments, and a third one composed of pictures.

The price is $14 plus shipping. Books can be ordered from Biblical Notes Publications, 1913 Cindy Lane, Denton, TX 76207. For further information, send e-mail to the Sherman Drive church or call the church office at (940) 387-3531.