hthlogoJACKSONVILLE, AL (WGN)- The Heart to Heart House to House magazine has targeted every home in the state of Alabama.

“At the beginning of 2007 we set a goal to help the churches of Christ in Alabama to cover the entire state with the Gospel using House to House Heart to Heart. So far we have reached 500,000 families. With the cooperation of 120 churches we are currently covering 19% of the State—one out of five families in Alabama receives HTH,” wrote Promotion Manager Derek Raulerson, in a brochure inviting churches to participate in the coverage. The brochure will be sent in November.

HTH is sent to mailing routes designated by local churches or individual Christians as an outreach to the community. The four-color magazine is published six times a year, and two-and-a-half million copies per issue are mailed.

The brochure spells out how churches can help: “1. Send HTH to your community; 2. Complete the mailing to your county; 3. Adopt a county where the church is small.”

HTH is under the oversight of the elders of the Jacksonville, Ala., church of Christ. They are responsible for final decisions on all content and policies. HTH does not support the change-agent movement or non-institutional views, nor knowingly work with those who do.

Congregations may place their local information in a box on the front page, personalizing the bulletin for their needs.

The minimal quantity of 1000 copies costs around $152 to be printed and mailed.

Its website states that “House to House Heart to Heart exists for the world to learn more about the Bible, the Lord, and the church. To God be the glory.”