by Chad Dollahite
GBN Production Manager
This report has been slightly edited

gbnlogoDALTON GA (WGN)- The Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN) sponsors an hour of programming on both Dish Network (ch. 9407 at noon EST) and DirecTV (ch. 323 at 8 a.m. EST). That hour of programming is the “Good News Today” program hosted by Jim Dearman, which includes various segments, highlighting the various programming featured on the full 24/7 network program schedule.

Just a few days after the start of GBN’s programming on DirecTV and Dish Network, an irate lady called the GBN Direct Line and spoke with Barry Gilreath, Sr., Executive Director of GBN. In the process of several angry phone calls from her, in which she spoke to Barry, Sr., the secretary and Janis Dearman, we found out that she was a member of Arnold Murray’s church, Shepherd’s Chapel. Arnold Murray’s “Shepherd’s Chapel” program comes right before GBN on Dish Network and right after GBN on DirecTV. This lady took great issue with GBN on many doctrinal points. It was also discovered that the caller had a background in the Lord’s church, having left the church years ago and eventually ending up in Arnold Murray’s cult-like denomination.

The irate caller placed several calls to GBN, and each time the unfortunate soul who answered the phone was dealt a heavy dose of criticism and anger.

In one conversation, sister Dearman heard the lady’s husband in the background saying, “Get off the phone; you are talking to the devil!” At that point, sister Dearman decided to end the conversation before things got out of hand. Sister Dearman then wrote a lengthy letter to the lady, focusing more on salvation issues than on the trivial matters about which the caller wanted to argue (i.e., “Did Adam and Eve eat a real fruit?”). At that point, sister Dearman and the secretary requested permission to deny speaking to this caller any further, and permission was granted.

On Friday, October 26, the GBN Direct Line phone was picked up before noticing on the caller ID. The caller this time was the lady’s husband, and he asked to speak to sister Dearman, who stated that she did not want to argue anymore, but finally relented and got on the phone to talk to the man. After, “Good afternoon, this is Janis Dearman,” the reply came:

“This is _______, and I want to apologize to you. Arnold Murray is cultic.”

Of course, this took a moment to compute, so sister Dearman had to have him repeat what he had said. His wife then got on the phone and repeated the same apology and explanation. She said they had been touched by the letter from sister Dearman, and that they had been directed back to the truth by the letter and the programming sponsored by GBN.

The lady has contacted her cousin, a member of the church in Michigan, to tell her cousin about wanting to return to the truth and also to get Bible correspondence courses. She said that she and her husband are returning to the truth, and they now want to work hard to get Arnold Murray off the air. She was every bit as excited and verbal about coming back to the truth of God’s Word and shutting down the false teacher Arnold Murray as she initially was about confronting the teaching she heard on the Good News Today program!

The lady and her husband have been given contact information for a local congregation in their area that should be able to assist them in their search for truth. We are unsure at this time as to whether she or her husband have ever actually obeyed the Gospel, but, whether they are studying to become Christians or wayward members of the body of Christ, every indication is that the Book of Life will soon be gaining two more names!

These are some of the good things happening as a direct result of the daily broadcast of GBN’s Good News Today program. We also now have, in about a month and a half of being on DirecTV and Dish Network, over 70 Bible correspondence courses set up.

We at GBN appreciate the prayers and support of faithful brethren so much, for without these, we never would be able to report such good news as we are able to report today. This effort through DirecTV and Dish Network is reaching some 30 million potential homes and more, since the Dish Network hour is a part of the Colours network’s lineup, which channel is also on many cable systems across the U.S. This effort is not cheap, but it is worth every penny to take the Gospel to the lost, and it especially feels like a meager cost when things like this happen!

“Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified” (2 Thess. 3:1).

Update / 5 Nov 07

From Chad Dollahite: Great news! The lady mentioned obeyed the Gospel yesterday (4 Nov) along with her husband.

Several have been studying with her and her husband. Sister Dearman sent her the aforementioned letter, a “Searching for Truth” DVD was also sent to them and another individual had a Bible study with them via phone for several hours.

Please pray for these new Christians and thank God for their search for, love of and obedience to his Truth!