by Joey McKinney
Joey McKinney teaches VBS

JOÃO PESSOA, BRAZIL (WGN)- We had Vacation Bible School this week in João Pessoa. The theme was “The Victory Race,” with a race car motif. I was the Bible story teacher, and all the kids had to pass through my room.

After one class, my sister Lori Hagewood asked her son what he learned, and Mathias gave her the full account:

“He said that there was this man named John and he ate stuff that he was not supposed to. God was not happy. He would catch animals in the desert to eat, and it was not good for him. He would eat syrup [I had honey for them to taste.] John was looking for Jesus, but he was not Jesus’ friend. Then he baptized Jesus and a birdie said that Jesus was the Filho de Deus [Son of God].”

Some of the details are wrong, but he remembered the message: Just like John, keep your eyes on Jesus. If that is the only thing they remember from my class, I will be happy. God be praised in the little one’s lives.